DFG Holdings – Office Building Construction

DFG Holdings – Office Building Construction


Description:  This project consisted of demolitioning an existing structure and construction a new office with a large heated storage area with 12′ ceilings.  The office was completed with high end finishes including a one of a kind 18′ high 23′ long barrel vaulted ceiling.  This building also included a 12′  wide 50′ long poured concrete deck which was suspended 12′ in the area over a water tight sealed space below.  This building is wired with state of the art networking, communication and video system.  Custom finishes include solid core 8′ doors, glass conference rooms, custom cabinets and woodwork.  

Infrastructure and Site Work   

The project included the excavation of a large storage area next to an existing elevated foundation.  Underground Electric, Cable and Phone was run to the building along with new gas, water and sewer lines.




The structure of the building is wood, steel and concrete.  The office has a one of a kind custom barrel vaulted ceiling foyer which is 18′ high by 11′ wide by 23′ long.  There is also a 12′ wide by 51′ long water tight concrete exterior deck that is suspended 12′ above the garage storage area.  The structure was built with open spans to reduce the interior load bearing elements to only one.  This allows for const effective interior reconfiguration by eliminating the need to deal with load bearing elements.  The garage has a state of the art tankless in-floor radiant heating system encased in 6″ of reinforced concrete.  The garage walls are 12′ high poured reinforced concrete which 1′ thick.

The office is wired with state of the art networking, communication and video systems and is access controlled.  The interior of the building has glass walled conference rooms, trayed and barrel vaulted ceiling, 8′ solid core doors, faux marble flooring, custom woodwork, trim, cabinetry and granite.